Fraternity Brothers become Bell Ringers

The drop in temperature didn’t stop brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Eastern Kentucky University from helping their community in Richmond.

Standing next to the familiar Red Kettle at Kroger, 30 members joined together earlier this month for five hours to ring the bell for The Salvation Army.

Dressed in Santa hats while playing Christmas tunes, members took a break from a busy week before finals to put smiles on faces and spread cheer in the neighborhood.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapter at EKU supports the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as part of their philanthropy, but this year, members rallied together to raise money through Red Kettle donations to assist people in the local area.

Ben Chartoff, Sigma Alpha Epsilon member and EKU Senior, proposed the idea to his brothers, and without any hesitation, they were eager to help.

Chartoff said, “I thought it would be a good way to get into the holiday spirit and also give back to the community.”

During those five hours, the group encountered many shoppers, including kids, who wanted to donate.

Tyler Bryant, Sigma Alpha Epsilon President at EKU, acknowledged “a sense of pride since the locals are not used to seeing fraternity guys ringing the bell. Many people thanked us for what we were doing.”

The afternoon was also a time of reflection for one member as he remembered helping the Salvation Army in the past.

Jordan Patterson recalled “going to the Salvation Army in Orlando to help paint and clean up the place so it would look nice for the winter.”

Given another opportunity to help in a different way, Patterson said, “I really enjoyed volunteering with my fraternity brothers and using my time to help with the funding of the local Salvation Army.”

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