Omega Psi Phi’s Alpha Omega helps D.C.’s Homeless

Sports can bring people together. That’s why a fraternity uses Redskins games, like this Sunday’s Eagles-Redskins matchup, to help some of the District’s men in need.

“It’s just like any other day,” said Jesse Beverly cheering during the game.

It’s another day watching a football game with friends, said Beverly, who lives in a shelter.

But at St. Aloysius’ Father Mc Kenna Center, no matter their struggle, in the mix of DC’s homeless men and members of Omega Psi Phi’s Alpha Omega, everyone’s on the same playing field.

“We all come here as men. We enjoy ourselves,” said former chapter President Walt Hill.

The program is called ‘Omega Men for Homeless Men,’ a Redskins watch-party that is fun but also really meant to connect and inspire. Hill helped start the program.

‘We just want the men to have a sense of dignity. Four hours on a given Sunday to come in, leave the world outside,” he said.


“The homeless situation here in the District of Columbia is very dire and many of the men look like we do at Omega Psi Phi,” Hill said.

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