Omega Psi Phi gives Family Brotherhood

Alonzo Jackson has spent the first 25 years of his life focused on becoming the type of man his father would want him to be.

Judging by the look of pride on Alvin Jackson’s face as he watched his son talk of his journey pledging the Omega Psi Phi fraternity — the same Greek letter organization his dad belongs to — at Jackson State University, Alonzo’s succeeded.

“Not only is he my son, he’s my friend,” Alvin said.

His oldest son and Alonzo’s brother, Nicholas, also is a member.

And there’s still one left to go.

Alvin hopes his youngest son, a student at Forrest Hill, will “bring up the rear.”

And he hopes if he’s fortunate enough to have grandsons that he’ll live to see them follow in his gold combat boot footsteps. Omega Psi Phi members are known to sport the accessory, along with camo pants during step shows.

Alonzo remembered the day of his probate show, when new members are formally presented to the public.

His father was not there. His mother told him there was an emergency and Alvin wouldn’t be able to make it.

Alonzo fell for it until he looked up while singing a song and saw his father watching, beaming in a gold shirt.

And that’s when the tears came.

“(I’m thinking) ‘He’s here. The person I emulate is here. The person who introduced me to Omega,'” Alonzo said.

“I’ve never been overwhelmed with so many emotions.”

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