Gamma Lambda Delta inducts first pledge class

Gamma Lambda Delta, UNT’s newest free fraternity, has inducted its first pledge class on Nov. 19 and joins the Greek community with high hopes for expansion and strong friendships to uphold the values of brotherhood for years to come.

Media arts sophomore Jordan Pryor, the fraternity’s president, was in an inter-fraternity council his first year at UNT and was dissatisfied with his experiences.

This led Pryor to begin thinking about starting his own fraternity. Pryor rushed to make his idea a reality and moved out of the fraternity house to pursue the new brotherhood in the middle of the Spring 2016 semester, leaving him with no place to call home.

“Going through all the things I went through with being homeless and my previous Greek life experience where I was constantly having to feel like I needed to prove myself, it was almost euphoric when I was able to get everybody initiated,” Pryor said.

However, the reality Pryor achieved was not accomplished alone.

He quickly found Kendall Harper, current Vice President of the fraternity, after moving out. Harper took him in, allowing him to stay in his dorm.

Pryor expressed his desire to begin a new organization and Harper, previously involved in Greek life himself, appreciated the idea of being a founder of something he felt would live on forever.

“I loved the fraternity aspect and being with a group of friends in one organization,” Harper, now a media arts sophomore, said. “I get to run [the fraternity] with a friend of mine. Freshman year in my dorm room was like, ‘Hey what if,’ now it’s like, ‘Hey we made it, let’s get big.'”

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