Finding a balance in Greek Life

It’s been reported that an estimated 9 million college students are members of a Greek organization at their respective universities. Whether they join to make friends, build their resumes, go to parties or learn leadership skills, they each have an incentive to change some aspect of their life.

“I joined to create a home away from home. However, it became more than just that and it was so worth it,” said Tess Ryan, a senior fashion merchandising major and member of Delta Gamma.

Although Greek life is not for everyone, some students may decide not to join because they are concerned about the inability to balance social, academic and personal time.

For Kent State students who are involved in Greek Life along with outside activities, time management is the most essential part on the road to success.

“You have to have good time management skills just because you’re going to have… like any student, plenty of homework,” said Logan Miller, a junior computer information systems major and Kappa Sigma member.

“Then, you have different events — whether it be social events or philanthropy events or chapter meetings — that you have to attend.”

Ryan said she bought a planning book this school year — something she’s never done before.

“It has helped me so much,” Ryan said. “I just try and write everything down, and whenever I do have free time, I try and get all of my homework done so that I am not overwhelmed with all of the other activities I have going on.”

Keri Richmond, a senior public relations major and director of fraternal philanthropy for Delta Gamma, said that when she (used to get) busier… (with) Greek life, she knew she had to write everything down in order to remember it.

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