Chemistry Fraternity instills a Love for Science in Local Schools

The entire class of smiling faces is actively engaged as the members of Alpha Chi Sigma demonstrate chemistry experiments before them. The elementary students watch the demonstrations and experience their passion for education and science-related classes growing.

This interactive learning not only helps them academically but allows the students to truly enjoy and value their education.

With a passion for both service and chemistry, members of Alpha Chi Sigma, JMU’s chemistry fraternity, head to local elementary schools a few times a month to show the students how fun chemistry can be.

“Our goal is to show the students how chemistry is so interesting and really get them into science,” Ricky Flores, a senior chemistry major and demo coordinator in AXΣ, said.

AXΣ does many different demonstrations due to materials and expenses but try to mix them up every few weeks to keep the kids entertained.

“We just try to explain and tell them the process and basically simplify it to their level; it’s really fun and exciting to be able to show them, you know? When kids see something they really love, they just get so excited about it,” Keid Idrizi, a senior chemistry major and vice president of AXΣ, said.

In the past AXΣ has gone to Spotswood Elementary School, Stone Spring Elementary School and Frank Hillyard Middle School.

AXΣ tends to focus on elementary and middle school students, but occasionally will reach out to the local high schools and have them come to JMU for a more interactive tour.

“We do high schools every now and then but when we do we typically bring them here,” Daniel Corbin, a senior chemistry major and brother in AXΣ, said.

“It kind of doubles like trying to get them interested in science but also trying to recruit them to come to JMU and to show them what the school is like.”

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