Sigma Pi hosts Anti-Discrimination Campaign

Sigma Pi Fraternity organized a week-long campaign called Hoos Standing Up encouraging University students to be better active bystanders. The campaign comes in light of a series of negative bias-motivated incidents which recently occurred on Grounds.

Students who sign a pledge promising to be an active bystander against discrimination and use the University’s “Just Report It” system will receive a “Hoos Standing Up” wristband and get discounts at local Charlottesville restaurants including the College Inn, Cafe Caturra and Take It Away.

The pledge will be available to sign at several locations around Grounds and on the Corner until Thursday.

Jared Schulman, a fourth-year College student and Sigma Pi philanthropy chair, said he was inspired in part by one of his professors.

“In one of my social psych classes, we talked about effective social intervention that will encourage people to promote change, and a simple way is to get people to sign a pledge and wear something to remind themselves of the pledge,” Schulman said.

Schulman was additionally inspired to plan the campaign after discussing the possible effects bias-motivated acts were having on students.

“I’ve talked about it with friends and in my classes, how much of a negative impact it has on students marginalized by these incidents, especially younger students who are striving to find their place and become a part of the University community,” Schulman said.

Priya Kurani, the assistant general manager at Cafe Caturra, said she hopes the petition and its accompanying discounts will help to raise awareness of the negative bias some students may face.

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