Stomp Fest brings Greek Brothers together

Hosted by the Black Cultural Planning Committee last Friday, Nov. 4, the 17th annual Southeastern Stomp Fest offered a lot more than just synchronized performances by the Omega Psi Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi brothers of UT.

Immediately from the start, the night offered more than just stepping but also laughs, with the introduction of the night’s host depicting a bumbling and clumsy Steve Urkel-esqe character being transformed into a smooth, suave, fraternity brother.

Quickly introducing the Kappa Alpha Psi brothers, or the “Nupes With Attitude” as they self-described, they showcased their stepping talents while also addressing the issue of police brutality in the African-American community by imitating the infamous event when the N.W.A. performed – attempted to perform – their hit song, “F*** Tha Police” at a Detroit concert in 1989.

“Their twist on something that was considered important then and is just as important especially now makes this more enjoyable,” sophomore Niyah Boddie said.

Soon after the Nupes left the stage the night continued with a surprise special guest Comedian Burpie from MTV’s “Wild n’ Out.” Making the audience laugh the comedian served as an intermission before the the Omega Psi Phi brothers came out in their comedic version of the cult-classic Major Payne.

Taking their militaristic performance to an elevated level of style, smooth transitions and complex sequence, the Omegas won over the audience’s heart and soft spots by including their adolescent Omega-in-training in some of the choreography, making brief appearances before being carried off the stage.

Before coming to the end of the night, the host sent the audience back in time by playing some classic and recent Dirty South hits that sent the audience into an uproar that celebrating rap and hip-hop hits from cities such as, Memphis and Atlanta.

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