Here’s to Getting Ready for Fall Rush

Summer is approaching. No school and no meetings. But you can prepare your fraternity for next period with these 9 things to do over the summer.

  1. Start making contact with guys who could potentially be rushing a fraternity in the fall: Chances are you are at home and hanging out with your old friends. Find out who will be attending your school in the fall and start laying the groundwork now. A little work now will go a long way in the fall.
  2. Be sure your fall rush is planned: All events should be scheduled early in the summer to avoid last-minute scrambling. Be sure that every detail is handled so it will be a seamless process once the brothers get back to school.
  3. Cut your rush budget: Whatever funds your chapter has allotted to fraternity recruitment – cut it in half. You don’t need to spend money to win recruits over. In most cases, all you are doing is wasting money unnecessarily. You have 3 months to plan rush. Be creative with cutting costs and spend that money on the brotherhood.

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